Jao Beard Scent is a 100% natural
balm containing 10% essential oil
blend of woodsy, citrus scented
goodness with grapefruit, fir needle, fir
balsam and patchouli essential oils. 
Not a heavily stiff waxy pomade - it is a
solid oil.  If you have a beard or 'stach,
stroke the hairs so it moisturizes your
skin underneath and smells nice.
Affinage Infiniti Hair Color.  Shea
Butter & Aragan Oil add protection,
suppleness & increadible shine for
beautiful, healthier looking hair.  More
than 90% naturally derieved
ingredients, obtained from sustainable
& renewable sources.  Ultra-low
ammonia, from just 0.2%.  Flawles
100% white hair coverage. Advanced
anti-fade technology with UV filters. 
Born from the same philosophy as
skincare, KEVIN.MURPHY products
are wightlessly designed to deliver
performance, strenght and longevity. 
KEVIN.MURPHY sourced ingredients
that use micro cultivation, organic
growing practices, or ecologically
sound wild harvesting techniques to
ensure the highest natural quality
All KEVIN.MURPHY hair products are
sulphate free, paraben free and
cruelty free.

The products we use in your hair have
been carefully selected.  Our clients
wanted quality, naturally sourced
shampoos and conditioners.  They
wanted hair color free of harsh
chemicals. They wanted styling
products that feel and smell great in
your hair.  You spoke, and we listened.